Its exactly 6:00 am. You are covering yourself not to see its already time to get up. You know you need to get out of that bed and go run the day before it runs you but you still stay there. You have some crazy deadlines to beat. You have to go to work. You have to rise and be your best. But you are still in bed. Just some few more minutes and you are going to get up. In no time you doze off.

By the time you wake up and reach out to your phone to see the time, its already 7:30 am. Shit! You have to be at work by 8:30am. So you have to prepare as fast as possible because traffic is awaiting you. And we all know how bad it can get especially when you are in a hurry. And that’s how life is. When you want something so bad that’s when it disappears to Venus. Just when you have lost interest in finding it, it reappears.

When you want to wake up early and revise for your exams that’s when you sleep like a log and you only realize in the morning that you didn’t hear the alarm you had set for 3:00am. Then when you are done with the exams your sleep disappears. Its when you are on leave that you have nothing to do, while before the leave 12 hours were not enough for you.

Its when you have a deadline of an assignment that your creative thinking decides to take a leave. You get stuck and you have to finish on time. Damn! You have to do it. And you still do it. Such things are part of what makes life interesting.

Sometimes we beat ourselves up too much for the things we do wrong but we need to remember that we are human. We are human. And human is to error. Whats important is to rectify the mistakes and make sure not to repeat them because a mistake repeated more than once is a decision.

We are all imperfectly perfect. Full of imperfections. The most important thing is to embrace who we are with our flaws and to embrace being shaped by our circumstances. And to keep striving. And to keep doing our best. Because even if you don’t get out of bed the whole day, the story continues. Even if you do what you did yesterday, the story continues.

Don’t let what has been dictate what will be. You have choices. Just because you chose something yesterday doesn’t mean you have to choose it tomorrow. Even though you can’t change circumstances, you can change your thoughts and actions. You can do better than you did yesterday. To mess up you will. But keep showing up anyway!

Thanks for reading.


12 thoughts on “KEEP DOING YOUR BEST

  1. Are you spying on me? Carol, this is closer home. My alarm sometimes doesn’t go off, especially when I need it most. Deadlines. Targets. Writer’s block…it’s endless. I’ve read your other entries but this email-length Biko Zulu-ish blog entry is the best yet of your blogging [I had to check again to confirm I am not reading Biko Zulu!]. A nice read.

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