At times we try to figure out on the purpose of life and fail to find the answers we are really looking for. This is how I would explain it:

  1. ¬†You were created to make a difference. Every one matters we can all make a difference, and there’s no better place to start than in a home.
  2. You were created to experience beauty in nature and all else. so in everything you do, look at the good side and the beauty of it all.
  3. You were created from love and for love. God loved us first and He created us. We are supposed to send love to others as well. Love is the source of existence.
  4. You were created to find God. You must believe that everything you are going through is showing you the way, if you seek with your whole heart, believe and follow the path to a Higher power and you will find the ultimate Refuge and place of peace.
  5. You were created to work, not to sit on a couch channel surfing or lounging on a beach somewhere chewing grapes and watching dancing girls all year round! Work is a blessing. Find work that you are good at and can enjoy.

All the best loved ones as you try and find your life’s purpose.

Thanks for reading!