Its yet another new month that God has granted to us. We give all the glory to Him. I thought for a moment that i should do my first stock taking and some moments later I was writing it already. I don’t want it to be a wordy post so lets get to the business.

READING: Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist. What a lovely read!I love reading as it increases our knowledge of things.
THINKING: I got no time to waste this new month, I got loads of work to do.
WRITING: My to do list for this month, to have a good flow and get everything done.
WATCHING: Young and Rich on K24, so inspiring.
LOVING: Watching my two daughters play together especially where the eldest takes care of the little one and pats her back when she cries…feels amazing.
WISHING: I had joined instagram earlier. Where was I anyway when it was discovered?
COOKING: My favorite rice and chicken dishes whenever i get the chance.
DRINKING: Lots of water and yoghurt lately, so healthy!
WEARING: Maxi dresses more often. Oh how I love them!
CHECKING: My closet to get those pieces I no longer wear to give them out. Like my mum always says, sharing is caring.
PLAYING: Candy crash saga, at level 167 now though I’ve been stuck at this level for more than a week now.God help me get through it.

Wishing you a blessed month of September. Thanks for visiting.