Quit being the judge!

Not once or twice have I found myself on the streets looking at other people and judging their looks from head to toe…maybe thinking what kind of a style that is, why that hair hasn’t been made, and too many other things. Little did I think of what each one of those people are going through to leave them in the state they are in.
Some have lost a loved one and can’t see any reason to live, some are sick, some have gone through rejection, some have no place to call a home, some have been looking for jobs for years, others have gone bankrupt, etc.
Too often we judge people without knowing their stories. We haven’t walked in their shoes and so we don’t know the struggles they’ve been through, neither do we know what challenges they are facing.
If we took time to know their stories, we would be much more forgiving. If we understood the battles they’ve fought, the pain they’ve endured, the people who’ve done them wrong; we would give them a lot more mercy.
I’ve started a new journey of seeing people through the eyes of love. Instead of being critical towards them. When you understand people’s stories, its very easy to understand their outward demeanor.