1. Save, save and save. Don’t spend everything you earn.
2. Fight temptations. No matter how attractive the dress or that shoe is. If its not in your budget, skip it.
3. Embrace great habits. Laughing often, singing in the shower, listening to uplifting music, praying, playing, eating healthy or thinking positive.
4. Treat the people you love very, very well.
5. Be good at what you do. Soon you will be a master at what you do.
6. Ask. Ask for directions. James 4:2.
7. Life is a school. Learn the lesson. Study life. Remember that every test life gives us and we fail, life insists that we take it. So become an expert at learning fast from your shortcomings and the challenges that come your way.
8. Love life. Maya Angelou said, “Life loves the lover of it.”